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Frequently Asked Questions:

This area of our site will help you to understand the Fitch Fuel Catalyst a little better. Just click on the related area that you wish to see below.

   2010 Fitch Credentials Document.   View our credentials.

   Automotive Hints and Benifits   Simple installation Hints and Benifits.

   Frequently asked questions 1.What is a catalyst, how does it work, easy everyday questions and answers.

   Frequently asked questions 2.General questions and answers from users etc.

   Frequently asked questions 3.What is a catalyst, technical type information.

   Frequently asked questions 4.Fuel Catalyst and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Tests on the FFC

   The FFC is a Permanent Fuel StabilizerWhy you need a stabilizer and why the Fitch is the best choice.

Not sure? Ask Sue!

   Evaluation Method for Field Testing Recommendations and Suggested Methods for Delivery and Trucking and fleets.

   Gasoline and Diesel fuel basics. Information about fuel basics,detonation, preignition, and octane levels, the difference between diesel and gasoline fuels.

   Tuning an engine after using the Fitch. Tuning and engine basics after using the Fitch

   Tuning an engine after using the Fitch. Tuning Tips using a programmer on your gas or diesel vehicle

   Influences on spark plug temperatures. Information on air fuel mixtures, spark plug temperatures and reading your plugs.


   Dyno Testing Basics Procedures for running a dyno test.

   What goes into the Fitch Product line? Information on developement of the product.

    News Release,17/10/2002      $4 Million Federal Grant For Two John Fitch Projects

    News Release,7/29/04      APSI awarded 2nd Government contract for $1.5 Million




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