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Who Needs the Fitch?

The answer to that question is everyone. We all have different needs and different hobbies. This is one of the greatest things about the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. If you don't have it ... you do need it. It may be for your everyday car or truck or for your free time recreational vehicle. As we all know, the every day routines of life keep us all very busy. Fuel can be a very important factor if your business revolves around the costs involved with it. Truckers , traveling sales people, buses, couriers and delivery services are just some of the industries that are based on fuel costs. For them the Fitch Fuel catalyst is a great advantage if not a necessity. But for the most part we all need to have some time to ourselves.

Our everyday lives are often taken up by things that have to be done. When it comes to our off time, this is very important. With the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in your machines you never again have to worry about them being ready to go when you are. Because of the stabiliztion effect of the Catalyst the fuel is keep fresh at all times. No more plugged up carburators and hard starting problems. Your machine will start and run the same as the day you put it away. This becomes a tremendous factor contributing , not only to your piece of mind, but also to the best use of your free time. We have all had situations when we were ready to go for a ride and our machines, after sitting for a long time, do not want to co-operate and are hard to start or run very poorly at the low rpm range. Commonly it won't idle at all with out quiting.

As you have already learned, by looking at the site, there are many benefits of the Fitch such as horsepower increases and better fuel economy. But for the individual who has put in a long week, may have kids and other responsibilities and a long list of things that always need to be done, they need "TIME" more than anything. Well the Fitch can't exactly give you time but it can help in a way by insuring that the little time you have is not wasted by problems caused by bad fuel. The Fitch will ensure that your machine starts and runs the way it should on fresh fuel that is at its optimum potency. This translates into hours of enjoyment with out problems caused by stale fuel.

It may be racing where horsepower, gained by the Fitch, does come into play be it on your snow machine or a race car. For the snowmobiler ,traveling many miles off the main road and for long periods of time, the Fitch not only keeps it crisp but enables you to have more torque in deep snow and the ability to travel farther on a tank of gas.



But then again it may just be the day to go out and cut that wood that has been piled up in the back yard to get ready for winter. What ever your leisure time needs the Fitch Fuel Catalyst can help you out by insuring that your time is not spent fixing problems created by stale fuel. Just drop it in and forget about it ! It is just that simple and easy and you will be amazed at how well this liitle unit does its job.So why wait.... Take the Fitch Challange !!




For more information watch the Video's below.


Click Here for pictures of the inside of a carb float bowl that was removed from a bike that had been running the Fitch for a few years. The bike's fuel tank and carb float bowl were never drained of fuel in the off season and also never used fuel stabilzers. Just parked and then run each season. It was never started or run through the winter seasons. Check it out to see how the Fitch worked to keep the fuel clean!!!

No need for Stabilizers ever again!!
For more information about the Fitch Fuel Catalyst's ability to stabilize fuel
Click Here!

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