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   Approved for use by AMA Pro Star Drag Racing

Inline Unit

Imagine how your car would run on good fresh fuel all the time. If you would like to know, install a Fitch Fuel Catalyst. This Permanent Fuel treatment Device is not an additive and is installed by placing directly in the gas tank or in line like a fuel filter. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst will:

Keep Fuel Fresh During Storage

Reduce or Eliminate Engine Knock and Ping

Allow the Use of Lower Octane Fuel

Increase Miles Per Gallon

Help pass emissions tests for a cleaner environment

Keep injectors, carburetors, and spark plugs clean

Provide for easier starting


Guarantee that your vehicle runs as well as it possibly can. Install a Fitch Fuel Catalyst today !

Vehicles running with Fitch treated fuel consistently show a reduction in emissions on the order of 60% - 80% in CO, 50% - 65% in HC and 5% - 15% in NOx with increases of as much as 5% - 12% in fuel economy. Engine life is also prolonged due to cleaner oil. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst has been tested by numerous independent testing laboratories, and hundreds of thousands of hours of actual use with outstanding documented results.

The Fitch® Fuel Catalyst is the only product of its kind to be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency for use with gasoline and light duty diesel engines under 40 CFR 85.2114.

After years of rigorous independent testing, including tests conducted by the United States Department of Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Fitch® Fuel Catalyst has been proven to greatly reduce emissions, increase fuel economy, increase power, reduce maintenance (including fewer oil changes because of cleaner oil) and prolong the life of the engine.

The Fitch® Fuel Catalyst is a maintenance free device which easily installs in the fuel line much like a fuel filter. The correct size unit is determined by the displacement of the engine. The product is designed to last for the life of the engine (in non-commercial applications only).



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Automotive Drop-In Unit Kits FFBO8

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Original Equipment Manufacturers
(offer Fitch as an option on their vehicles)

Read about Fitch Fuel Catalyst testing at the Tundra Fuel Economy Blog

   Tuning an engine after using the Fitch. Tuning Tips using a programmer on your gas or diesel vehicle




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