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Lawn & Garden Equipment


All above are Fitch Powered !

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Easier Starting


Increases Power


Reduces Emissions


Improves Fuel Efficiency


Outdoor power equipment, whether 2 or 4 cycle, produce a significant amount of hazardous emissions. The drop-in unit will substantially reduce these emissions, and will produce a significant increase in performance. In addition, the Fitch® Fuel Catalyst will help keep fuel fresh in the off-season, permitting easier starts when the seasonal equipment is next used.



No need for Stabilizers ever again!!
For more information about the Fitch Fuel Catalyst's ability to stabilize fuel
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Having a hard time getting your lawn equipment to start and run properly this season? Check out the newest video addition about a lawn mower has been left outside every winter for the last 6 years and still starts, first pull, every time in the spring time. It has never had a spark plug changed or any engine maintenance during this time.





Annie Koreman, Finger Lakes Group, Sierra Club Trumansburg, N. Y.
I have used your products in my lawn mower, chain saw and snow blower. The exhaust is noticably cleaner and the machines start right up after storage from one year to the next, even with tanks full of gas.I just purchased a new car, a Toyota Prius hybrid and would like to get the drop in fuel catalyst. I also want to put it in my 250cc motorcycle.

Eddie Draper BriteLyt, Inc
"Dear Fitch, Just a few words to let you know that we have completed our test using kerosene, gasoline, and old BioDiesel, using the same Fitch Fuel Catalyst. These catalysts are designed to be used for a lifetime, by the way, so no need to remove and replace them. Simply leave it in your tank. Testing of all the fuels (kerosene, gasoline, & biodiesel) we noticed the following
1. Shorter pre-heating time. Knocked off 10 - 15% of the preheating time.
2. Bright light. Just looking at it, you will see a much brighter light. Totally, amazing!!
3. With old biodiesel (very thick - over 3 yrs. old) the lantern worked, flawlessly as though the biodiesel was brand new. Worked more like kerosene easier startup, bright/white light, and with no odor.
4. Decreased odors, and, in some cases, no odor.
5. Pumping time was decreased for all three fuels. . We did not have to add pressure to the lantern, for approx. 2 - 4 hrs. During the intial run-time of 8 hrs., Eddie only had to apply pressure to the lanterns 1 - 2 times.
6. Cleaner burn, around the mantle (glass did not fog up or build up) & no "pulsating" was observed.
7. Fuel Efficiency Increase: 1-Quart of fuel ran 1 - 2 hours longer, than normal.
Eddie uses these lanterns, while fishing, so he takes the opportunity to test new products, during that time. Lucky, fella!!!! Needless to say, BriteLyt, Inc. is extremely impressed, with the overall performance of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. Overall, I would recommend this product to be used in the lanterns we sell, as our testing was based on periods of testing the lantern for a 3-day period, at 8-hr and 12-hr. intervals. We used Fitch Fuel Catalyst in old fishing lanterns too, with excellent results. Thank you and God Bless"

Alan Pozinkoff, Passmore, BC
After using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in my Huskavarna 372 chainsaw, I found that the emissions virtually did not exist anymore. This was extremely important to me as I was working in tree wells all winter and the smoke would settle around me. I also noticed that my chainsaw was running 40 minutes per fill now instead of the 30 minutes it had ran previously. This earns me and extra thirty dollars per day in wages and I haven't changed a sparkplug since I dropped it in!

20 HP Power Pressure Washer,Chute Farms,Port Williams,N.S. :
We run this unit at about 2,800 psi and use two spray guns when runing on the average. Usually, when we ran the unit, it would use about 1 gallon per hour and run about 8 hours on one tank of fuel. After the Fitch the washer will run about 3 to 4 hours longer on the same 8 gallons of fuel! This has been consistant since the Fitch and "you can set your watch by it".Click here for more

FH, Connecticut, (owner estate maintenance company):
"In all the machinery, I have noticed a decrease in spark plug consumption. The catalyst creates a cleaner burn in the engine, and spark plug replacement has been reduced by at least 50% in all the equipment."

NAH, Hawaii, (resort maintenance/engineering manager):
"We found that we save approximately 80 gallons of fuel each month after having installed the fuel catalyst. We also found the emissions are a lot less than the other engines that do not have the fuel catalyst. This was well worth the investment."

NC, Connecticut, (professional landscaper):
"After careful measurement of the fuel consumption the results were a 25% savings on fuel. In closing, I would strongly recommend this product because of the extraordinary cost savings that I have noticed."

NV, New York, (homeowner):
"Since I installed a catalyst, my saw has become as reliable as the chipper and mower (also with Fitch); it always starts with one or two pulls, runs clean with absolutely no smoke, and requires no maintenance."

BB, Maine, (farmer):
"I can very enthusiastically attest to remarkably improved ease of starting, something I thank you for every time I mow."

RS, Ohio, (professional landscaper):
"I am seeing 30 to 35% fuel savings, the temp of my engine went down; exhaust temp. fell, the fumes of gasoline reduced. For these things I say thank you."

DDH, Wisconsin, (professional landscaper):
"In a very short period of time, the product has not only reduced fuel consumption, but, it has also improved starting characteristics and reduced fumes normally associated with the operation of power equipment."

JG, Ohio, (General Mgr, commercial landscape company):
"We were quite impressed with the results and would highly recommend this product to anyone."

HAP, New York, (homeowner): "I want to let you know that I have been using my eight year old Snapper lawn mower with a Fitch Power Catalyst in the gas tank for over a month now. The transformation of my own mower into a clean running machine is absolutely amazing."

Fran Hodges, President RRR Maintenance, 40 years in the commercial Landscaping business:
I have been using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst for several years on all of my equipment from Echo weed-eaters and 20 Hp Scag walk-behinds to a 50 Hp Kubota. The results have been excellent....power is up, and smoke is down, my fuel economy has improved as much as 30% and the cost of engine maintenance has been reduced by half. This product quickly paid for itself and I strongly recommend it to anyone in the business!

Peter M. Rice, Owner,Rice Landscaping, Spencer N.Y.:
After using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in one of our 2 cycle mixture commercial mowers, we noticed some pleasing differences. The mix seemed to burn more efficiently, with a decrease of 15% to 20% in fuel consumption. The fumes that our operators have complained about burning their eyes and making breathing difficult were effectively eliminated.

C. Richard Tate, President of Tate Equipment Inc. Horsehead, N.Y.:
I placed it in a 61" Scag riding mower witha Kohler 20 hp twin cyclinder engine that always emitted a cloud of acrid black smoke whenever it was started cold. I waited 1-1/2 days after installing the Fitch before starting the engine again and I couldn't believe the change made to the exhaust gases. The smoke problem was corrected and the mower started much easier and ran smoother.

A. Port,CPA Port & Company, East Syracuse, N.Y.:
I have been using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in my Arien's lawn mower since 1996. I am constantly amazed at how clean the exhaust from the mower has become since using the catalyst....the lawn mower has never run so clean, even when it was new! The transformation of my lawn mower into a clean running machine is absolutey amazing!

Brian Ridgewell, Store manager, Skip's Sarasota Chainsaw & Outdoor Power Equipment:
It's been almost two years since you presented the Fitch Fuel Catalyst to our company. Since that time we have been actively promoting it to all our commercial and retail customers. More and more they are returning to purchase additional units, many for their own cars and trucks. All of our customers report that the product has kept their equipment running in top shape, the equipment has been easier to start,smoke and fumes are reduced and they are using less fuel.
We are very satisfied with the product, both from a sales standpoint and from the fact that it really does live up to all it's claims and makes our customers happy!

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