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News Updates

In this section we will bring you updates and information as we receive it. Some will be downloadable .pdf files.


Updates for Oct 26th 2010:

FFC Heavy Equipment:

The city of Allentown PA Sept/ 2010
2007 Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper, JD 4.5L, 99hp --- Results: 11.1% fuel savings
1999 Mack Truck EM7 425hp --- Results: 15.0% fuel savings
View tests on two vehicles and installations on some of the city fleet applications.Click here.

Heating Systems:

Department of Environmental Protection’s Burlington Trout Hatchery Burlington, CT Boiler Test Report (April 9/2010)
Boiler: Weil Mclean 408,000 BTU Hot water system
Furnace: C.A. Olsen, Model OH-85E

The Fitch achieved at least a 10% reduction in fuel consumtion without compromise in the boiler and furnace output.the Fitch would indicate a combined average fuel savings of approximately 389 gallons of oil. At price of $2.60 per gallon, the dollar savings would equal $1,011.10 in the first year.
Emission Reductions There were reductions in NOx, CO and CO2 emissions after the Fitch Catalyst was installed. This reduction of greenhouse gases has a direct public health benefit and offers the potential for obtaining Emission Credits especially if all State building reductions are aggregated. In both cases, there was no evidence of smoke residue. Click here.

Apgar Oil Co. & Energy - 6 month Boiler Test Report, Allentown PA (Sept. 2010)
By installing the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, the residual carbon/soot build-up was eliminated. The boiler operated at maximum efficiency without additional maintenance. Click here.

Frequently asked Questions:

Tuning an engine after using the Fitch. Tuning Tips using a programmer on your gas or diesel vehicle

Installation Pictures:

Installation pictures of many types of heavy equipment for the City of Allentown.

Ford 2010 Mustang Shelby GT500   Installation article, with pictures, on a 2010 Ford Shelby 500, submitted by Tom Sara, Canada


New reports from Mayor Bloomberg (New York City) and Senator Chris Dodd 2010 Defense Appropriations Bill.
in our News and Updates section.

Added Nov 2nd 2010:

New installation photos on a 2005 Ford F350 Superduty - Turbo Powerstroke 6 Liter – Fitch unit = F75824BP
in our Installation pictures section.

   New marine information provided by an associtate distributor in the USA
in our Marine section.

   New info on diesel heavy equipment forklifts, and a 2 year study done on Propane powered forklifts.
in our Heavy Equipment section.

Added Nov 10th 2010:

PAT MCMORROW - GMC, Chrysler, F-150 Ford and Harley Davidson, 2010:
We have Fitch Fuel Catalyst in our GMC, Chrysler, F-150 1986 Ford, H/D motorcycle and this will be for our new 2010 F-150 5.4 V-8 Ford Harley Davidson addition. I can attest to the increase in fuel economy anywhere from 2-3 more miles per gallon. The long trips we almost got 3.4 more miles per gallon. I kept records of miles per gallons before each Fitch was installed in our vehicles. A happy customer. (In our customer Auto testimonials section)

2010 GMC Sierra 5.3, Mike Russo :
Before the Fitch was installed, I was averaging about 17 mpg between highway and city driving.......I drove around that weekend and gassed up a couple days later and found I was averaging 21 mpg. Thanks for a great product.

(In our customer Auto testimonial section)

2008 Ford Mustang GT 500 Installation:
Installation pictures on the 500 GT
(In our Auto installation section)

2003 Toyota Tacoma Installation and Testimonial:
I had one on my Tacoma, it was an 03 with the 2.7l 3rz, at first after I installed it there was maybe 1mpg better, but after rereading the install instruction I disconected the battery for the ecu to clear and then repowered the truck. After that according to fitch the ecu will remap fuel injection cycles for the better quality fuel. After 3 complete tanks of gas I hand number crunched and got a consistant 3.2 mpg increase. I have plans to install another on my truck now, but I'm waiting to save up and get the titan tank, the Glacier line kits and an airdog 2 all at once. So I can honestly say i reccomend the Fitch fuel cataylst. Oh and I also got on of the small drop in catalyst for the lawn mower and it did run better.
(In our customer Auto testimonial section)

1996 Ford Crown Victoria, David Morales :
My personal opinion is that this product has worked efficently, and increased mileage....

(In our customer Auto testimonial section)

2003 Chevy K1500 Sierra 4x4 GMC Sierra, Gary Jones :
My truck is running a lot better I filled up the gas tank last Monday. A week ago my trucks a 2003 Chevy 100k miles 4x4, I’ve driven around town for a week stop and go traffic and today my gas gage says 3/4 of a tank of fuel. so id say the fitch works and I’m glad its on my truck, before I’d get maybe 3-4 days driving around town before my gas gage said 3/4 now its 7 days.
(In our customer Auto testimonial section)

Added Nov 17th 2010:

New updated fitment listings for the FHDG Industrial In-line units.
In our Heavy Equipment section and in our In-line selection chart section)

New FTS Diesel Industrial Drop-in Unit Applications.
These “Heavy Duty Sleeved Industrial Units” are an alternative to the Bolt on In-line units. These “sleeved units” can be inserted directly into the fuel tank, cutting costs of installation time. Info is In our Heavy Equipment section and in our On line purchase section)

Added Nov 18th 2010:

Fitch Fuel Catalyst Review in American Snowmobiler, 2010
"We reported on the Fitch Fuel Catalyst several years ago, but have since had the chance to use it in several applications including snowmobiles, snowblowers, lawnmowers and more. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst has stabilized the fuel in all these different applications for off-season storage." More info is in our Magazine Reviews section

New article to help to explain heating and boiler information.
These are some of the main issues we must deal with today. More info is  in our heating section - Click here

New article on how the FFC can help reduce harmfull emissions with improved combustion. Read what a doctors point of view is on the Ficth and emissions, and the Mayor of New York's plan for schools in New york to implement the FFC in over 200 schools. More info is  in our heating section - Click here

Added Dec 18th 2010:

Fitch Fuel Catalyst Review in Habitatmag.com, 2010
"When placed in fuel lines, the reactions increase combustion efficiency while reducing emissions and particulates. These improvements to fuel result in lower fuel consumption and also reduced maintenance.
More info is  in our Magazine Review section - Click here

New Installation on a 2008 Ford F350 with 500 RWHP
More info is  in our Car Installations section. - Click here

   Boatshow Sales Fuel Progress of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst.
Fuel Harmonics plc, established in 2007 and the UK and Ireland’s sole license holder for the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, has exhibited for the first time at the Tullet Prebon London International Boatshow in January. Throughout the nine-day show the directors were inundated with enquiries and orders for the units that improve fuel economy and performance on craft from outboard powered tenders and inboards on the most luxurious of motor yachts.
More info is  on their website. - Click here

    From the Office of Senator Chris Dodd The following projects were submitted for consideration in the fiscal year 2010 Defense Appropriations bill.Planned...APSI would install Fitch Fuel Catalyst devices on existing Army boilers, which will result in reduced fuel usage, lower maintenance cost, and improved emissions with a savings estimated at $15,000,000 per year for 3 to 4 years.(page 8)

   MAYOR BLOOMBERG ANNOUNCES OVER 100 ENERGY EFFICIENCY RETROFIT PROJECTS HAVE BEEN LAUNCHED OR COMPLETED IN CITY-OWNED BUILDINGS Planned ...Boiler Fuel Catalysts: Installation of fuel catalysts and economizers at 200 schools with residual oil burning boilers to reduce fuel use;(Dec 2009).

   Nora Hewitt, VP and Sales Manager of APSI has been recognized for her efforts in industry in September's 2009 Issue of Performance Business!

   Seawork's catalyst for success 10th Aug 2009-Seaworks latest News:
The resulting evaluation demonstrated that the Fitch gave fuel savings that peaked at 5.7%, throughout the entire rev range tested, while pollutants such as CO2, NO2, carbon monoxide and nitric oxide were also reduced, an effect explained by the more complete combustion of the fuel.....Fitch units are already in place on Condor Express and Condor Vitesse – both SeaCat fast ferries.You can read the full report on thier website. Click to go the website.

Added Jan 15th 2011:

New Installation kits added for 2011 as well as some for 2010 applications
More info is  in our In-line Kit Selection section. - Click here

We have had quite a few inquiries about the use of the FFC in fuels with ethanol added so we have added this report, from Intertek Caleb Brett Labratories, to our performance section that may answer some questions. Yes the Fitch does perform in fuels with ethanol added.
More info is  in our Performance tests section. - Click here

Added Jan 28th 2011:

New Marine article from Great Lakes Scuttlebutt.com
More info is  in our magazine Reviews section. - Click here

News articles and press releases for Fuel Harmonics in the UK.
Check out another Fitch Fuel Catalyst International Distributor that is moving ahead, especially in the Marine sector. More info is  in our News Updates section. - Click here

Added Feb 1st / 2011:

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), In-Field Demonstration Report. "Conclusions and Results of the Fitch Installation: A reduction in fuel consumption of greater than 10% without sacrifice in the boiler heat output was achieved through the installation of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst on both boiler #1 and Boiler#2.
More info is  in our Heating section. - Click here

The FFMS is the latest product to join the APSI line of products. The Fitch Fuel Management System is the only dynamic fuel / water separator designed specifically for use on pleasure craft and commercial vessels, as well as all industrial applications such as fuel storage tanks etc. FFMS polishes the fuel, removing water and algae directly from the source, your fuel tank. For more information about these units. Click Here.


Added Feb 24 / 2011:

78 Chev C-30 Dually with a 1993-94 GMC drivetrain (5.7L throttle body fuel injection V-8 / 4L60 overdrive transmission). "I can't tell you how well the Fitch has made our pickup run. Instead of just being a work truck, its actually a joy to drive now. I can recommend this product to friends without question. It really works well.Thanks for the great filter! Zack
New in our Automotive Testimonial section.   Click here

Added March 1st / 2011:

Precision Cycle East - 2003 Ski-Doo. "A customer recently sold his 2003 Ski-Doo and wanted me to preseason it before delivering to his perspective client. This sled had been sitting in his garage with gas in the tank and hadn't been started or touched for six years...... I removed the carbs to clean them only to find out that they were in brand new condition, not a hint of crud. The gas in the tank smelled like it was fresh out of the pump, and the fuel lines had no sign of degradation, even in the tank....." New in our Motorcycles and Powersports Testimonial section.   Click here

Added March 7th / 2011:

A great article and explanation from Snow Tech Magazine about the Fitch Fuel Catalyst and their experiences through out the years. .
"QUOTE: We continue to have good luck avoiding most of these issues with the use of Fitch Fuel Catalysts in everything from lawn mowers to snow blowers, and now have one in every gas can. These small cages with some sort of metal inside act like a mini-refinery, helping to keep the gas fresher, longer. Now in our Motorcycle and Powersports Section   Click Here

Added March 10th / 2011:

New Testimonials "Express Alliance Courier Delivery Service....We have seen a noticeable improvement in overall fuel economy on all of our vehicles both diesel and gasoline and plan to continue our plan to outfit our entire fleet in the near future." and "Eddie Adler 2003 F150 Harley Truck...."The first thing I noticed was that my truck idles much smoother. The next thing I noticed was the exhaust tail pipe was less sooty..." New in our Automotive Testimonial section.   Click here

New Installation, and pictures, information for 13 applications "New updated installation information and pictures for many new automotive applications" New in our Automotive Installation section.   Click here

Added March 26th / 2011:

Yet another great review on -line from K&N Snosports Blog. "I have had nothing but positive results with Fitch Fuel Catalyst in my seasonal power equipment and I have no reservations about recommending it to friends and customers."  New in our Magazine Reviews Section    Click here

Commercial Truck, Marine & Heavy Duty Equipment Reviews Seems a link went down and now we have it fixed."For more magazine reviews, for this type of equipment, check it out in our "Magazine Reviews 2 Section    Click here

Added April 30th / 2011:

New Installation on a 2008 Ford Ranger, 4.0 Liter. New updated installation information and pictures. Many times Fitch units can be mounted in different places. Here is a different solution for this vehicle. New in our Automotive Installation section.   Click here

Added May 30th / 2011:

New Testimonials "Thank you. I just want you to know I have been using Fitch Fuel Catalyst in my vehicles for 7 years now. A good product. Believe me when I say that I have used many products in my search for better performance/mileage in the past 25 years...." New in our Automotive Testimonial section.   Click here

Added June 20th / 2011:

   City of Allentown Public Works saving money...Press Release May 19th, 2011 The city installed fuel catalysts on approximately 185 diesel trucks and larger equipment and 135 unleaded fuel vehicles with a mix of pickups, cars and smaller pieces of equipment. The city is realizing average fuel savings of 9% on its nine street sweepers.....the city’s over-the-road tractor fleet is seeing an average 13% increase in fuel efficiency.
(Blue highlighted areas of the document are about the Fitch Fuel Catalyst.) New in our Heavy Equipment section.   Click here

   New marine applications Photos and information and testimonials of many commercial fishing vessels (tuna trawlers and purse seiners) and a locally-based vessel support crew boat. All have Fitch Fuel Catalysts installed by POFUSA, Power Fuel Savers LLC~Western U.S. Distributor. New in our Marine section.   Click here

Added June 29th / 2011:

   Questions about the EPA and the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. Just added to our frequently asked questions section is some information about the FFC and the EPA. Also testing and facilities who have done some of the testing. New in our FAQ section.   Click here

Added July 1st / 2011:

   Marine applications by Fuel Harmonics PLC, from the UK. Also the Barrus Report testing on the FFC on a Yanmar 4HLA Engine! EP Barrus is the country's largest supplier of marine engines and accessories. New in our Marine section   Click here for more info

Added July 20th / 2011:

      BOILER INSTALL REPORT 1115 5th Ave, New York NY. June 2, 2011
With the heating season not far away here is another great report.
Boiler: 2 x BEST 5C-150 Oil type: #4
Conclusions – Results from Fitch Install
1. Boiler combustion efficiency improved by 2.5 %.
2. Smoke reduced to 0 from 1 indicating optimal combustion.
3. Degree day adjusted fuel consumption declined by 17.0%, 2,748 gallons for the period Feb/2011 to Apr/2011 compared to Feb/2010 to Apr/2010
  New in our Heating section Click here for more info

      BOILER INSTALL REPORT 1150 Park Ave, New York NY. June 2, 2011
And yet another great report.
Boiler: 2 x NATIONAL OB 793 Oil type: #6
Conclusions – Results from Fitch Install
1. Boiler combustion efficiency improved by 2.0 %.
2. Smoke reduced from 1 to 0 indicating optimal combustion.
3. Degree day adjusted fuel consumption declined by 16.6%, 8,830 gallons for the period of Nov/2010 to Apr/2011 compared to Nov/2009 to Apr/2010   New in our Heating section Click here for more info

   Treasurer, Director 1150 Park Avenue Tenants Incorporated.Treasurer, Director 1150 Park Avenue Tenants Incorporated.
Here is a letter that states just what kind of savings they have achieved in the past year...."The savings were more than we expected, some 8,830 gallons, of No 6 oil which, given the significant price increases for all heating oil during last winter, saved us approximately $22,500."
  New in our Heating section Click here for more info

Added August 22nd / 2011:

   Fitch Canada on the Road: Fitch Canada was proud to have attended the 7th Annual Dutchy Mason Blues Festival this month. With our display in the Motorcycle show area, our product was well received by thousands of visitors who attended the show. Interest was shown in many areas, including our heating applications, by some as far away as Ontario! With winter on the horizon it will soon be time to start thinking about heating costs coming. Save your hard earned cash, and lower your emissions, by installing a Fitch Fuel catalyst on your heating system.


Added Sept 20th / 2011:

FFC and Ethanol Blended Fuels: Once again we have had quite a few inquiries about the use of the FFC in fuels with ethanol added, and the answer is yes the Fitch does perform in fuels with ethanol added. The Fitch also helps to reduce the ability of ethanol to absorb water, which it does and it is not good for your engine.In the report from Intertek Caleb Brett Labratories, after testing the FFC, they stated "The fuel exposed to the Fitch Fuel Catalyst is preferable from the perspective of the consumer and would be our recommendation compared to the untreated fuel." You can view the full report  Here

It was brought to our attention that there was a question as to the life of the FFC product. Some somewhere had commented about it working fine for a year and then seemingly the mileage dropped off? This is a very unusual occurance and required some investigation into what may be happening with the product or vehicle. What we found out was pretty interesting. What many consumers do not know is that the 10% ethanol blend is actually causing a loss of fuel mileage, and in a pretty large numbers.

The Effects of Ethanol Gasoline Blends in Cars, Boats, and Small Engines
The blending of ethanol into gasoline across the nation is now a common practice due to recent EPA mandates for increasing ethanol content in gasoline from 10% to 15%. These mandates are aimed at improving air quality and reducing air pollution from fuel emissions, which ethanol blends achieve through the lowering of harmful emissions. But ethanol causes major issues for consumers, who face loss of mileage, storage issues and a tendency for ethanol to corrode plastic and fiberglass tanks and parts, especially in marine applications. Some problems are as follows:
Water accumulation in gas tank - ethanol absorbs water from the air
Deposit build up
Loss of power
Rough running
Lower fuel mileage
Corrode internal engine components
Contaminents in fuel system
Fuel phase separation - cannot be restored
Encourages microbial growth in fuel
Short shelf life -as short as 90 days

I would like to also provide a link to some interesting information that many may not know about. There is information in many forums where people are realizing this problem. Here is a link to a very informative website on the subject. You can view over 200 comments from across the US about peoples experiences with ethanol fuel. Click Here
Also a great article here at News Direct Click Here

Added Oct 15th / 2011:

   Fitch Canada on the Road: Fitch Canada was proud to have attended the Annual Nova Scotia School Maintenance Advisory Conference. This was a great event to attend and we were happy to have been part of it. We are looking forward to working with the various school boards this year to help them lower their fuel costs and emission.

New Installation on a 2010 Ford F150 King Ranch at Poehl's Auto Recyclers, Centerville N.S.
More info is  in our Car Installations section. - Click here

   WLBZ2.com / News report about the new HO-UL series Fitch Fuel Catalyst Units for heating applications.Savings reductions of 10% plus on all home heating applications!

   Advanced Power Systems, Yearly News Letter for 2008

   SPIKE Channels' Horsepower TV.... DTS Engine Dyno test on a GM LS7-427ci engine. Program showing on Horsepower TV on Spike on Sept/22/07 at 12:00 noon and Sept/23/07 at 11:01am. (This is GM's newest "biggest, baddest small-block ever built by GM according to Popular Hot Rodding Magazine)

   WITI-TV Milwaukee. Gas prices Skyrocket..New Device Reducing Fuel Emissions, Wed July 11 2007

   Advanced Power Systems Press Release March 2007.

   Advanced Power Systems, News Letter Volume 18, 1st Qrt. 2007.

   Advanced Power Systems, News Letter Volume 16, Winter 2006.

   Advanced Power Systems, News Letter Volume 17, Fall 2006.

   Technical Bulletin, Effects of FFC on Heavy Duty Diesel engines.

   Truck and Emergency Vehicles

   Diesel Irrigation Engines with FCC



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