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What is the Fitch Fuel Catalyst?

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst has been around since 1994 and is one of the longest running fuel saving devices on the market.

A pre-combustion fuel treatment product

It is not an additive but a permanent fuel treatment

It breaks down the long-chained hydrocarbons into smaller, more combustible components

The FITCH® FUEL CATALYST works on any liquid fuel, including methanol and propane (LP gas)

Eliminates the need for fuel stabilization, Keeps fuel fresh during extended vehicle storage periods

Instant and permanent gas treatment for 5-12% fuel savings

Get purer gas for reduced emissions and cleaner environment

Reduces the need for vehicle maintenance and oil changes

Increases fuel Octane and Cetane for more potent gasoline

Improves engine efficiency, horsepower, and torque

Suppresses added and unsafe increase in fuel temperature

Installs easily in the fuel line, or directly in the fuel tank

Maintenance-free and warranted for 400,000 km's


For more information about the Fitch Fuel Catalyst's ability to stabilize fuel Click Here!


More Power

Better Fuel Economy

Reduced Emissions

Easier Starts

Less Carbon Buildup in the Engine

Prolonged Engine Life


Is EPA Certified under 40CFR85.2114

Was tested by the U.S. Department Of Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Will last for the life of the engine

Is available from 1/2 H.P. to 20,000 H.P.

For more information watch the Video's below.

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