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The Register Citizen Business Newspaper


Advanced Power Systems Inc. granted a second government contract for $1.5 Million

Thursday, July 29, 2004
Article by, Ed Harris

Advanced Power Systems Inc. recently received their second government contract in as many years. This years contract, which will go into effect for next years budget, is worth $1.5 million. Last year the firm was awarded its first government procurement contract of $3 million.

The contract if part of a defense bill that passed in the House of Representatives with a 410-12 vote late lasts Thursday. Advance Power Systems joins several other Connecticut companies that have received contracts due to the bill.

Congressman Nancy Johnson sees the bill as benefiting Connecticut as well as national defense. "These projects will not only strengthen our national defense capabilities, they will strengthen our local economy and support jobs in Connecticut" Johnson said in a prepared statement. "The supply chain will give small and mid-sized manufactures a bigger voice in the defense contracting process, resulting in more opportunities and more jobs for the Connecticut workers".

Advanced Power Systems received the contract due to its Fitch Fuel Catalyst, which is thought to reduce the amount of hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and soot that diesel and gasoline engines produce. This effect is made possible due to the burning of more available fuel. "This is good for the state and good for the municipalities," said APSI Vice President Nora Hewitt.

According an APSI press release, the catalyst also allows for greater fuel economy. It says that the Fitch Fuel Catalyst improved fuel economy in a mid-ranged diesel engine buy over 12 percent. This claim stems from a recently conducted EPA test on a 2002 Duramax truck with the fuel catalyst installed. There was a 1.8 mile-per-gallon improvement in fuel economy in the truck after the catalyst was introduced.

Hewitt said that this is beneficial to drives, in part, due to the high prices of gasoline in the present market. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst can come in either pellet form, for dropping directly in the fuel tank, or in an in-line system for vehicles that don't allow for the use of the pellets, attaching through AN fittings.

The catalyst was named in honor of APSI founder John C. Fitch. Fitch has also developed the Fitch Inertia Barrier system, which is used on all US highways.


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