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Cornwallis Trucking Co. Ltd
1009 Kars,Port Williams
Nova Scotia, BOP 1TO
Ph: 902-542-3358
May 1, 2001

To: Ralph Armstrong
Re: Fitch Fuel Catalyst

     When I was first approached about using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst I must say that I thought that it was just another one of those "wonder drugs" that were out there that say they can save you fuel. After you explained to me how it works, and why, I then decided to try some in our trucks. I am pleased to send you this letter with the first numbers that we have obtained from one of our trucks. This is a 1998 Ford Aeromax with a 475 HP Cat engine. This truck runs consistant runs using the same driver all the time. We have followed the mileage carefully on this truck and felt that it would be a good one to test the Fitch on. Before the installation of the F500 unit the mileage was steady at 6.2 MPG. Since we have been running the Fitch the mileage is holding steady at 7.2 MPG. That is an increase of about 15%. The driver also states that the truck is running very well and is noticeably stronger pulling in situations such as up hills. I must say that I am impressed with your product. I am looking forward to the statistics from our other truck, and am installing another unit soon. At the price of fuel I am sure that these units will pay for themselves in no time and be well worth the investment.

                                                                                          Yours Truly

                                                                                                             Peter Tupper

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