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Motorcycles & Powersports Testimonials

Van Bennett, North Carolina
I installed your product in my 2000 Harley Softail. The motor runs noticebly stronger from idle all the way to the rev.limiter. They are saving me money on performance modifications now since the motor is strong enough in the upper rpm range to where I do not need to buy performance camshafts for it.

Colin Davenport, Baltimore MD
Just wanted to drop a line of thanks. I've used your Fitch catalyst in my Suzuki GSX600 with outstanding results in fuel mileage & performance. Plus it makes winter storage a no-brainer! I just ordered a set for my 2000 Ducati and expect the same level of performance. It's amazing how something so simple can add so much performance.

Maiko Saravia,EBGB Drag Racing Team:
I first dyno-tested the Fitch Fuel Catalyst at the Harley Davidson 95th anniversary and was amazed at the increase in torque and horsepower that it provided. I am now using the product on my own race bike and have a larger unit on my tow vehicle on which I have seen significant improvement in MPG. I would recommend it to anyone looking for more power and better fuel economy.

Kurt McMillen,#1 Plate Winner (3 classes) District 34 Motocross 2000:
I've been riding motocross for over 18 years and have tried many new products. I installed the Fitch Fuel Catalyst and was very happy with the performance gains in my Yamaha YZ! I recommend it to any rider looking for the edge in today's motorcycle sports.

A. Zarcone, Alabama
"I used your product in my Harley. My mileagefor one tank, before reserve, went from about 110 miles to 150. OUTSTANDING!!! Even if the only advantage was increased milage (which it's not), it's well worth the purchase. Now I'm going to try it out on my vehicles. Thanks Fitch.

T. Watkins, Hawaii:
"Thanks for delivering the goods on your product. I have been running the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in my 2000 H-D FLHRCI fuel-injected Road King Classic for over 2 months now. Although I done some performance work on the bike and my gas mileage wasn't the greatest before, I have watched my gas mileage increase from a measly 39 mpg to over 45 mpg. The amazing thing is that I can run midgrade pump gas with NO ill effects, the bike just flat screams. A month ago I finally convinced the parts manager at my local H-D dealership to try it in his bike. He was so impressed that he ordered the catalyst to stock in the parts department. Thanks again for being straight up about your product. I still don't understand all the physics behind how it performs so well, but it rocks!!!"

RJW, Wisconsin :
"Thank you for introducing me to the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. Since placing the unit into the gas tank of my 1997 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic motorcycle, I have seen marked performance improvement. I highly recommend it to my biker friends."

SH, Virginia (Service Manager, Harley-Davidson dealership):
(1988 Softail) "I'll continue to support your efforts as I will keep selling my customers on the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. As the head parts counter man, with results like this, I feel like I'm doing my customers a big favor by introducing them to the Fitch."

TC, Virginia (Pro Mod Harley drag biker):
"I ran a 9.68 sec. Quarter mile. That lowered my previous best time by a full two tenths of a second. I've never done anything that gave me that much help on reducing my ET. My bike is powered by a V-twin Harley block bored out to 104 cu. in. It produces about 165 hp. To date, everything that you said would happen has happened."

CE, Illinois (1995 Harley):
The bike runs smoother and stronger than before. The acid test for me, however, was cold weather. Before using your product, starting could take five to ten minutes of choking, starting and dying out. Now the bike is turning over on the second or third attempt. What a difference!"

WB, Australia. (BMW F650 Rotac):
The test showed a 15.43% improvement in economy plus the bike picked up an extra 8.4 kph in top end performance speed."

CW, Illinois, (Pres. Electrical Svce. Co. - 1951 FL Harley-Davidson):
Since the installation of Fitch the bike starts first time nearly every time. The exhaust is cleaner and fuel mileage if up. I would not hesitate to recommend the Fitch Fuel Catalyst to anyone who owns a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle!"

MP, Australian International Champion Speedway Rider:
"The increase of power was unmistakable, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst gave me the extra power off the start line and out of the turns instantly, something I have been searching for in the past. After spending 10 years as a professional speedway rider in England and Europe I have not seen anything so easy to gain horsepower in my career."

FC, Florida (Harley-Davidson 1200 cc. Sportster):
"I'm still amazed with the results. The difference in the way that the bike performs is easily noticeable. My Harley runs smoother, has increased power, and better gas mileage."

LK, Wisconsin (1997 Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide):
"The manual advises 93 octane or higher. Since I installed the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in my fuel tank I use 87 octane and still feel good response, starting and economy. My Harley runs terrific!!"

Steve, Texas (1999)
I bought the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in Sturgis 99 and believe me I had my doubts that this would really work, I placed it into the tanks of my 97 Heritage Springer, it is slightly modified, free flow airfilter, Sampson true duels with drag pipes and torque cones, the carburator has a thunder jet slide kit installed and other than that it is completly stock. I noticed a difference in Sturgis after I installed the catalyst in my tank but when I got back to Texas and started it and rode it I couldn't beleive the difference in how well it ran, I went from 38 mpg to 45mpg and had a lot more throttle response.

I have told many freinds that have bought it because they know how maticulous I am with my scotter, I have over 14 freinds that have purchased it and have talked to all of them and everyone has had nothing but good to say about the Fitch Fuel Catalyst and some are buying it for their other Harleys.

It sure is easy to say something does not work when you are too cheap or open minded enough to purchase it and try it out as far as I am concerned it is a great product and if you don't buy it now you will be buying it in the future because it works very well.

You don't get a U.S. patent on anything if it does not live up to its claims. Buy it and try it, it has a no questions asked 90 day money back guarantee, if it didn't work they wouldn't guarantee it.

GoldWing Touring Association Product Review Review by Mark Hornstein (this will open in it's own window,just close the window to return here)

Eastern Cycle Performance (this will open in a new window. Just close it to return here.)
Freddie Klies: At Eastern Cycle Performance, we build and dyno-tune motorcycle and snowmobile engines for the street and race track. We are frequently looking for that elusive couple of horsepower on a highly tuned machine that can mean the difference between winning and losing. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst has provided that extra boost every time and our dynamometer doesn't lie. Thanks to Fitch for making our job easier.


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