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What goes into the Fitch Product Line? Research!

researcher At APSI we make products that improve energy efficiency and minimize the impact on the environment from the use of today's fuels. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is useful to any engine large or small, new or old, making them perform better minimizing emissions and fuel consumption while maximizing power. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst product pays for itself very quickly in fuel savings and contributes to our global effort to minimize creation of greenhouse gases and other harmful and smog forming emissions.

APSI has an extensive research program devoted to our area of expertise in hydrocarbon fuel reformulation. In order to insure that the Fitch Fuel Catalyst fuel modification and treatment systems we manufacture and sell are effective, our researchers spend about five years in development and testing before a new formulation becomes available to the consumer. Each of the claims made for our products are verified at test facilities independent of our own prior to introduction to the consumer. The various compounds and ingredients that go into our products are carefully screened and checked for quality, consistency, effectiveness, and environmental compatibility before being included in a formulation. Testing and evaluation for effectiveness takes place first in the laboratory where careful measurement of the changes the fuel catalyst induces in a fuels molecular structure are confirmed.

Field testing is performed by a number of independent engine builders and performance shops that have high quality reliable and repeatable engine measurement units. During this period the product is evaluated for suitability in many fuel types including new and aged fuels, differing operating conditions and temperature extremes, and the other influences the fuel catalyst may be exposed to. Before final launch real world road tests are undertaken by race professionals and amateur users who help evaluate our products. Only after exhaustive testing in the laboratory, on the emissions and performance dyno, and on the road and we are confident the new product is capable of providing outstanding service and value will we launch the product with the Fitch name on it. 5-butyldecane


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