1990 FXST

(96" Modified, 4 Valve Heads,V-Thunder Ign.,S&S Carb

To: Parachute Enterprises
Attn - Lester Johnston
1834 Crowell Rd.,
East Lawrencetown, N.S
From:Ralph Howells
169 MacGlaughlin Road
Dartmouth, N.S.
Ph: 902-462-2301 Oct 3, 2001
Re: The Fitch Fuel Catalyst

     Before the Fitch my bike was a little sluggish on the low end. The plugs were showing black on the insulators. After I put the Fitch units in my bike I found that it was a lot smoother running and the plugs were perfect looking. I was very surprised in the difference and I won't take them out now! I was very suspicious at first but now I am convinced!! I will now start using them in my other fuel burning machines. This is a great value for the initial low cost.

                                                                                          Thank you

                                                                                                             Ralph Howells

                                                                                                             Licenced Motorcycle
                                                                                                              Mechanic, 20 Years

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