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Fitch Fuel Catalyst Extends Equipment Life
and Reduces Fuel & Maintenance Costs

A 2-year study of the benefit of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst installed on Caterpillar 4 and 6-cylinder propane-fueled forklifts demonstrates the product's ability to reduce emissions of Carbon Monoxide and Nitrous Oxides while lowering fuel consumption by about 12%.


Exhaust Emission Study

A recently completed report by an independent testing lab shows that these forklifts have lower toxic emissions and fuel costs than others in the same warehouse (not yet equipped with Fitch Fuel Catalysts). Service records have shown substantially longer service-life (over 15,000 hours) and a longer interval between required major engine service (over 2,000 hours as opposed to manufacturer's recommended 1,000 hour service interval).

Installation Costs

The Fitch in-line devices are installed in the fuel line between the tank and the regulator. Costs for the units depend on engine displacement. These applications use Heavy-Duty Fitch Fuel Catalysts with 10,000 hour (7-year) replacement warranty. The lifts shown in the above photos are part of a nation-wide paper distribution company fleet. This company has decided to install Fitch Fuel Catalysts on brand new propane forklifts as part of a preventive maintenance program and to lower operating costs. View testimonial letter from Spicers Paper, L.A. Division Warehouse Manager-SpicersTestimonial.pdf

Article and pictures courtesy of Power Fuel Saverswww.pofusa.net

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