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Chute Farms Ltd.
Church St.
Nova Scotia

To: Ralph Armstrong
Re: Fitch Fuel Catalyst

      Just a note to let you know what your product has done for us in our "Easy Clean" 20 HP Washer unit. We installed your F5T pack in the Power pressure washer back a few months ago. When we ran the first tank of fuel through, it worked a little better but by the time we had gotten to the second tank many things were noticable. We run this unit at about 2,800 psi and use two spray guns when running on the average. Usually, when we ran the unit, it would use about 1 gallon per hour and run about 8 hours on one tank of fuel. After the Fitch the washer will run about 3 to 4 hours longer on the same 8 gallons of fuel! This has been consistant since the Fitch and "you can set your watch by it". This washer runs flat out..all the time and performs excellent since the Fitch has been put in. Also we noticed that before the Fitch, the unit would automatically kick out on the automatic sensors for need of oil about half way though a rotation and we would have to add about 2 cups of oil each time. Since the Fitch it does not kick out during the cycle and we do not have to add oil.
      I would have to say with out a doubt that the Fitch has performed way past what we expected and is saving us fuel every day now. This product has proved itself ,without a doubt, that it does improve performance and save fuel.

                                                                                          Yours Truly

                                                                                                             Mike Chute

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