Orchard Crest Farms
Billtown, N.S.

Date: Aug 30, 2001
To: PM Cycles Ltd.
Re: The Fitch Fuel Catalyst

     Ralph here are the results from having the Fitch Fuel Catalyst installed on one of our propane tanks for Barn #2. Sorry it took so long but here are what I believe to be the real numbers for a serious evaluation of the product. We compared barn #1 (without Fitch) to Barn #2. On looking at our numbers we showed that the difference between the two was that Barn #2 is a little larger than the other and on Lot# 8 of birds the cost was higher for Barn #2.

On Dec 12 both barns began operation with the same conditions and birds. At this time you had installed the Fitch unit on Barn #2. At the end of the session we compared the numbers again and found that the cost of operation showed a savings difference of $565.19 less for Barn #2 than Barn #1. A noticable difference. This translates into about a 18% to 20% savings in fuel not to mention the extra size of Barn#2. We are very pleased with the results from using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. The cleaner burn is now very noticable in the site glass veiwing ports on the heaters. I would recommend this product to all who wish to save fuel and cut down on emissions in their business. Thank you for talking me into trying this product. We feel that it works as stated and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

                                                                                          Thanks You
                                                                                           Mark Davies
                                                                                           Nova Scotia Turkey                                                                                            Producers Marketing Board

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