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Chris Lipscomb

To: PM Cycles Ltd
7224 Brooklyn Street, Kentville,
Nova Scotia. Canada. B4N 3V7

From: Chris Lipscomb
2930 McNally Rd.
RR#5 Berwick, N.S.
B0P 1E0
902-538-1200 Nova Scotia,
May 15, 2001
Re: The Fitch Fuel Catalyst

1930 Rudge Special, 500 cc single, 4-valve twin port hemi head, #422

    As Mark and Ralph know, I own and race several vintage and antique racing bikes and am a member of the Vincent Owner’s Club. Many of my bikes have been raced in vintage and “TT” races at tracks all over North America and Europe including Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia and Daytona, Florida.
     I was introduced to the Fitch Fuel Catalyst after a visit to Ralph’s shop and decided to try it in the Rudge and the Vincent Single. After the installation, there was a noticeable improvement in the transition from pilot to mid-range throttle positions. I really noticed the difference at Shubenacadie because it is a road-race track which has very few places for the bike to operate wide-open yet the performance was smoother and more predictable.
     Both machines are running cleaner as well. The Rudge has externally grease-lubricated valve gear. I did not expect to see much of a difference in the color of the exhaust pipe because of the soot and residue from the grease, however the pipes on the Rudge and the megaphone of the Vincent are noticeably brighter which is similar to the leaded fuels we used to use. The spark plugs are also cleaner; a light brown.
     It seems the combustion is cleaner burning and takes place at a higher temperature as the megaphone on the Vincent is starting to turn blue. This is something that had never happened prior to the installation of the Fitch. The Rudge sounds much crisper which is an indication of better combustion. I have not done any jetting or carb alterations to cause these changes.
     I do believe this product is working, so much so that I have purchased an additional unit for the Vincent Sidecar Racer.

1948 Vincent HRD, 500 cc single, Comet, built to Grey Flash specifications #423

                                                                                                Thanks again

                                                                                                    Chris Lipscomb