Berwick, Nova Scotia

To: PM Cycles Ltd.
From:Wayne Pineo, Systems Maintenance
Technician, Grand View Manor
110 Commercial St
Berwick, N.S. B0P 1E0
Ph: 902-538-3118
RE: The Fitch Fuel Catalyst

      I am in the maintenance department of a 118 bed long term care facility that also has 18 seniors apartments. The complex was opened in the early 1970's.
      The heat source for the complex is two 50 HP hot water furnaces which were updated with Weishaupt high efficiency burners three years ago. These new burners are much cleaner burning than the original ones with far less emissions. Fuel savings were quite substantial with the new burners.
      Last fall we were introduced to the Fitch catalyst technology and had a unit installed on only one furnace. When comparing the brightness of the flame with the Fitch catalyst to that of the furnace without, the Fitch equipped burner burns much brighter.
      When it came time to clean the furnace this year, the furnace equipped with the Fitch had far less burner residue and what little residue there was, cleaned away easily. The furnace without the Fitch, although it wasn't black and sooty, had noticeable difference in color and brushed out with more difficulty than the Fitch equipped furnace.
      We have since had a Fitch catalyst installed on the other furnace and expect the same results.

                                                                                          Wayne Pineo
                                                                                          Systems Maintence Technician
                                                                                          Grand View Manor

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