From: Glenn's Cycle Works
Glenn Yard P.E.I.
To: PM Cycles Ltd.

      Here is some feedback on how we are making out with the installations of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst units on our furnaces. Although we do not have long term fuel savings numbers yet, we are confident that, by the changes that were required at the time of installation, there will be major changes in our fuel consumption. Below are the changes made on two units at the time of installation.

Furnace info:

1. Installation on our home, NEW YORKER with Aero Burner, hot water furnace we were able to immediately drop from a 1.25 gallon per hour nozzle to a 1. gph nozzle.

2. At the shop, KERR with Aero Burner, on our hot air furnace we dropped from a 1. gph nozzle to .85 gph nozzle.

As any experienced furnace technician can tell you, being able to adjust the efficiency of the units and reduce the nozzle sizes these number will reflect an immediate savings in fuel consumption. I am very pleased with the ability to see the immediatate changes in the burn of the units. I am sure that with the cleaner burn the maintenance aspects will also be less in the long run. Thank you for helping us with our fuel problems.

                                                                                         Yours Truly
                                                                                             Glenn Yard