To: Advanced Power Systems International Inc.

           I live in a small community on the South Shore of Nova Scotia and recently the local International Dealer (my employer-prior to retirement in 1990) held a Promotion Day. I was introduced to your fuel treatment by one of the vendors (Progressive Machining & Cycles Ltd. Kentville N.S) and must admit I was very skeptical at first and considered a few hours before I spent the money for the F5T.
           In 1979 I purchased a new FLH 1200 Harley Davidson Touring bike and have driven it ever since - the speedometer has rolled over 234,000 kilometers. Having been a heavy duty truck mechanic, I do my own maintenance and the repair work on our own vehicles and have kept my Harley in A1 working condition.
           Three weeks ago I inserted the F5T in my gas tank and the performance and gas mileage are phenominal! The bike has never performed over the years as it does now, and this is mostly double riding. I cannot say enough good about your product and have convinced some of my biker friends to try it also and they are amazed!
           I am now 70 years old and hope to ride another 200,000 klicks and with this new "miracle pill" I feel certain my Harley will outlast me. It is also fantastic, with the rising gas prices, to be able to say I am now saving some money on gas purchases.
           Congratulations! Thanks to your firm for a Fine Product, I am more than satisfied.

                                                                                          Yours very Truly
                                                                                           Donald Zwicker


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