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FTS Diesel Industrial Drop-in Units

These “Heavy Duty Sleeved Industrial Units” are an alternative to the Bolt on In-line units. These “sleeved units” can be inserted directly into the fuel tank, cutting costs of installation time. They are convenient for many types of equipment such as loaders, back hoes etc. Feel free to call us, for more info, or to help with proper fitment and sizing of units for your applications. The Sleeved Units are specifically designed for "Heavy Duty" use in diesel and gas applications. These units are warranted for 500,000 miles, 10,000 hours.If you are not sure of your fitment call us toll free at 1-866-463-4824 (GOFITCH).

All Commercial Vehicles & Equipment with Saddle Tanks
(On dual tanks, both tanks require the listed Kits)


F14TS        (36 to 45 Gallon)

F16TS       (46 to 55 Gallon)

F18TS       (56 to 65 Gallon)

F20TS       (65 to 75 Gallon)

F14TS  Diesel: 36 to 45 gallon tank Price: $489.95       

F16TS  Diesel: 46 to 55 gallon tank Price: $558.95       

F18TS  Diesel: 56 to 65 gallon tank Price: $628.95       

F20TS  Diesel: 65 to 75 gallon tank Price: $699.95       

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 You can view examples of these units being used by The city of Allentown PA Sept/ 2010
2007 Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper, JD 4.5L, 99hp --- Results: 11.1% fuel savings
1999 Mack Truck EM7 425hp --- Results: 15.0% fuel savings
View tests on two vehicles and installations on some of the city fleet applications.Click here.

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