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Marine Installations

Photos of commercial fishing vessels (tuna trawlers and purse seiners) and a locally-based vessel support crew boat. All have Fitch Fuel Catalysts installed by POFUSA. This effort began in Fish Harbor on Terminal Island in the summer of 2008 when fuel prices on the West Coast reached all time highs of $5 plus per gallon for marine CARB certified ultra-low sulphur diesel. 

Western Fish Company purse seiners f/v Kathy Jeanne(far) and f/v New Stella heading out of Fish Harbor - both fully equipped with Fitch Fuel Catalysts on Main and Generator engines since Spring of 2009.



Western Fish Testimonial.pdf 



Ocean Angel III (Del Mar Seafoods) installed set of Fitch Fuel Catalysts on Main CAT 3408 and Isuzu 6-cyl generator engine in August, 2010 based on favorable reports about effectiveness of product received from other fishermen in the same business.


Within 1 week of installing FFCs on both the main and gen-set engines, the owner and captain stated "both engines are running noticeably quieter and smoother". No more "clanking" or "knocking" of the cylinders. He and the ship's engineer are recommending that others in the Ocean Angel fleet outfit their boats with Fitch Fuel Catalysts.


Another set of FFC units was purchased for the vessel's lightboat called the f/v Phyllis which has a CAT 3208 main and 4-cyl Isuzu Gen-set Engine. Early reports from this boat indicate a noticeable reduction in visible smoke from the exhaust stack and quieter running engines.


After several months operating out of Ventura Harbor despite running the engine faster to offset the added drag caused by recently installed roll stabilizers, Capt. Steve Lovejoy believes they are using less fuel than he would have thought.

Saving 1/2 gallon per hour in calm seas at 1300 rpm based on latest FloScan measurements of consumption rate with Fitch Fuel Catalyst installed on Main Cummins KTA1150 propulsion engine. The set of brand new Heavy-Duty Fitch Fuel Catalysts (10,000 hour warranty) were purchased for the main and 2 gen-set engines and installed in March-April of this year. The boat owner had had a previous satisfactory experience with Standard Fitch units (5,000 hour warranty) purchased and used on the same boat since early 2000. Based on FloScan measurements at that time sailing to the South Pacific, the owner, Brent Bixler, measured a 12% reduction in fuel consumption.


Royal Dawn Testimonial.pdf


Maverick1.pdf Bart Mathews was a contemporary of Brent's. They used to fish together for albacore tuna in the South Pacific in the the late 90's when Bart decided to test a Fitch unit on this boat which was also equipped with a FloScan metering system.



American Marine Corps. m/v Glady S (foreground) installed Fitch Fuel Catalysts in early May, 2010 on 3 Detroit 1271 main propulsion engines and is still in process of breakin due to low accumulated engine hours.



f/v Royal Dawn (with Fitch units) and Charlotte V side-by-side at the "G" Street dock in San Diego's tuna harbor. Based on positive experience of Royal Dawn (twice, see above) this vessel, as well as many other member boats of American Albacore Fishing Association(AAFA), are expected to implement Fitch Fuel Catalysts at their earliest opportunity.


The gentleman who comes up and asks about progress with selling Fitch units to commercial Fishing boats on the video works for Western Fish Co. and is a long-time fisherman himself. He bought a Fitch auto kit for his personal vehicle and is happy with results, espescially the cleaner tail pipe.


 The f/v Terri's Gale, owned and operated by Philip Schenck, was the first commercial fishing vessel to test the Fitch Fuel Catalyst through the efforts of Power Fuel Savers in the Long Beach area. Needless to say the results were satisfactory and many of the subsequent sales/installs were the result of the positive reviews given by Capt. Schenck to his many friends in the local fishing industry.


The Terri's Gale is also famous for being the first hydrogen-powered fishing vessel on the West Coast. Please see the October, 2010 issue of "National Fisherman" magazine pages 30-31 (NF_Oct10_Propulsion.pdf) for the full story on this ingenious solution to high fuel costs. Posted with permission from the publisher of National Fisherman Magazine, sponsors of the annual Fish Expo in Seattle, WA.


Captain Schenck does testify to a 5 to 10% reduction in fuel consumption as well as smoother, quieter engines as a result of his evaluation/purchase of two Fitch Fuel Catalysts for his main and generator engines prior to experimenting with "browns gas." see:Fitch fishing boat testimonials.pdf (page 1)

  f/v Kristina based in Morro Bay,CA

(unit (F75HDG) installed on Detroit 8V71 in mid-May)

Photos & Testimonial Coming Soon

Initial report recd 5/19 from owner-operator Glenn Isaacs states that engine sounds better and exhaust is noticeably cleaner. Update recd 6/13 says 3-cyl Deutz 25 Kw gen-set engine saving approx. 8% on fuel based on test by weight.

f/v Double D based in Honolulu, HI

(units (1 ea F5HDG) installed on Deutz mains in April, 2011)Testimonial & Photo Coming Soon

Verbal update received 6/9 from owner operator Joe Dettling says the product works, it is saving me fuel and I have recommended it to others.

Others Installed


f/v Day Island with Cummins KTA1150 Main and John Deere 6-cyl  gen-set engine


reports 7% fuel reduction, cleaner exhaust stacks & smoother, quieter running engines~

see testimonial: Day Island Testimonial.pdf



Owner of the f/v Corva May with rebuilt Cat 3408 Main engine, new bulbous bow and Fitch unit believes with all changes combined, they are using about 25% less fuel than previously. Plans to install Fitch unit on John Deere gen-set engine before start of 2011 squid season. 



f/v Tommie Si' with Detroit 671 Main has seen noticeable reduction in fuel purchases (perhaps as much as 300 gallons less) on each 2-week trip operating out of Ilwaco, OR over the past 3 tuna seasons. Also reports longer lasting fuel filters. Fitch_fishing boat testimonials.pdf (pg 2)




f/v Steel Fin II with rebuilt Cummins KTA855 and a Lugger 50h.p. gen-set engine. Still awaiting feedback from FFC installed on the main before the 2010 albacore season in Pacific Northwest.

 Others Recently Purchasing Fitch Systems

No results to report at this time.


f/v Ocean Angel IV 

Two FFC units (2xF75HDG) installed on 

Cummins KTA19 main mid-March 2011.



f/v Cape May

Large FHD 10-38-1.5 unit for 3,600hp EMD engine  installed end-May 2011 on 1500-ton vessel with FloScan.




Above provided with permission from Power Fuel Savers LLC~Western U.S. Distributor www.pofusa.net


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