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Drop-in and Custom Vehicle Kits

Welcome to the "Buy it Now" section of our website. Please select your product and just hit the "Add to Cart" button and you will be taken to a secure server to complete your purchase. Thank you.

Special Note: Please be sure you have the correct application number for your vehicle before you use the Buy it now feature. If you are not sure please compare with the vehicle lists provided here. or call us toll free at 1-866-463-4824 (GOFITCH).

For "Diesel In-line" Applications Click Here

For "Automotive In-line" Applications Click Here

For "Heating In-line" Applications Click Here

For "Universal In-line" (open ended hoses) Applications Click Here
used for installation when no Fuel Injection lines are present or older carborated vehicles.

DROP-IN and Custom Vehicle Kits


We are pleased to announce these FFB08 Drop-in Kits for many auto/truck applications.They are especially well suited for "Antique and Custom" cars as well as Hot Rods and vehicles which are used seasonally and stored for a large part of the year. In some cases the newer fuel injection systems, such as on some Import models, and more complicated placement of the fuel lines make it difficult to install the in line filter units on your car. With these Drop-in units installation is quick and easy. Each package comes with it's own special tool to aid in the installation of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst units.
To help with the concerns for a cleaner environment, by lowering emissions, PMC Ltd. is happy to do our part towards a cleaner planet.

FFBO8 Gasoline: Automotive 4,6,8 cylinder car/light truck drop-in application up to 25 gallon fuel tank, up to 300 HP.
Diesel: Automotive applications, 4 cylinders (VW etc) up to 20 gallons, up to 200 HP
Installation tool included.
Price: $226.95       

Large Passenger Trucks and SUV applications over 25 gallons and up to 45 gallons.
Installation tool included. Contains 2 X FFBO8's
Price: $453.90

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Information about Drop-in Applications
The Fitch Fuel Catalyst product line offers a Drop-In Tank and an In-Line Unit application for the automotive market. Our product is guaranteed for 250,000 miles. We find it is helpful to speak with the customer to determine the correct size/application for their make, model and year vehicle. We currently make and sell Installation Kits for most North American vehicles, and some import models, that make the installation of the in line unit very simple and quick. We recommend a mechanic installs the Fitch in-line unit and it usually takes 30 - 45 minutes to install under the hood along the fuel rail or if you don't have room there, the unit would be installed after the fuel filter underneath the vehicle.

We are creating these same Installation Kits for other vehicles are being developed every day as new vehicles come to market.These kits will become more readily available over time.

The Drop-In tank FFB08 application is a 5 minute installation on most Pre- 1990 vehicles. Vehicles manufactured after 1990 may not be that easily installed. Some of those vehicles (not all) manufactured after 1990 may contain a siphon guard or back flow check valve that will not allow our Drop In unit clear passage to the fuel tank. You may contact your local automotive dealer and ask if your model vehicle contains a siphon guard or back flow/check valve device. Drop-In Instructions, Click Here

It is important our customers completely understand the installation procedure. If you have any questions at all about the Drop In Tank Application or the In-Line Unit for your vehicle, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or toll free - 1-866-GOFITCH to speak to a technical representative or place an order. We look forward to speaking with you.

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(Free shipping offer not valid in NWT and Nunavut)


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