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Recommendations to follow for running a Dyno Test on the Fitch Fuel Catalyst

1. Conduct a test in a manner which uses or replicates actual field conditions.

2. Use pump grade fuel (not indoline or laboratory fuel.

3. Avoid open fuel reservoirs. Use a fuel delivery system that replicates as closely as possible the vehicle or vessel fuel system in terms of distance from the engine, size of tank, elevation of tank, fuel filler caps, etc.

4. Do not continuously refill the tank or top up frequently but only when tanks are low.

5. Run baseline first, measure torque and HP starting from the lowest possible RPMs.

6. Remove drop ins from package and drop both bullets into a couple gallons of fuel in a separate gas can shake them well and let them sit for a 24 hour period.

7. Prior to dyno testing-shake the can so bullets move around the can to stimulate driving conditions of movement of the fuel in a tank.

8. Pour fuel into motorcycle tank.

9. Drop both bullets into the tank.

10. Run the dyno test.

11. Be sure to measure torque and HP starting from the lowest possible RPMs (this is the point where the Fitch is most noticeable).

12. When reviewing the results be sure to look at changes over the entire RPM scale not just the average results. Also look at the time to the various RPM points.

13. Other results you may notice -easier starting, off season storage (no stabilizers needed, better fuel economy and less emissions (less carbon build up on plugs), elimination of pre-ignition knocking or pinging.


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