Test Report Fitch Fuel Catalyst

Durkee Drayage
3465 Collins Ave.
Richmond, CA. 94806
Ph. 510-970-7550 x307

Durkee Drayage agreed to purchase and test 2 Fitch F350 units on two different trucks in their fleet. Mr. Jeff Fenton, President of the company, agreed to have the units installed and to track the fuel records for the vehicles. A computerized fuel monitoring system was already in place making it easy to track the fuel consumption.

The trucks selected were Internationals, a pup with a DT466E engine and the other an 8100 with a C10 electronic Caterpillar @375HP engine and full trailer. The units were installed the end of May 1998. The average miles per gallon in fuel consumption for both vehicles life to installation dates were recorded. Both trucks were well maintained and kept on their usual routes.

The following are the details of the test, which commenced in June of 1998 and lasted over a 16 months period.

                                     Truck/ Pup #981                    Truck Trailer #972

Engine type                                                 DT466E                    8100 c/w C10 CAT 375 HP
Beginning Mileage                                            68,517                                35,049
Base Avg. MPG as of May 31, 1998                   5.00                                    6.10
June 98 through Oct 99 avg. MPG.                     6.58                                    7.78
% Change                                                        31.56%                               27.57%
Mileage as of Oct. 31, 1999                              170,000                             103,000

Based on these results, Durkee Drayage has purchased 10 more units and has plans to outfit the balance of their fleet.