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Lets look in the Float Bowl

Here is a prime example of what the Fitch can do for you. We see so many vehicles that have problems in the spring, after sitting around all winter. Hard to start....won't idle...but runs ok when I get the rpm's up. Sound familiar? I'm sure it does.

We are all guilty of having "great intentions" but when it comes to actually draining that float bowl and, or adding fuel stabilizers it often never gets done. We all end up dealing with it in the end sooner or later.

This week I took a carb off a bike, my own personal ride, that has had the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in the tank since 1999. This bike "NEVER" had the fuel drained out, "NEVER" had fuel stabilizers put in it. It was just parked and left every winter. Since the bike was being sold I decided to take the carb off and check it for my own curiosity. Below are the actual pictures of when it was removed.

As you can see it looks brand new!! There is no crud in the bowl or the jets. Absolutly no bacterial growth at all. Just as a point of fact the gas was drained out of this same bike, after sitting all winter, over a year ago when we went to do a dyno test at Toad Cycle Works. The drained out, old regular gas made our test bike gain 4.1 horsepower more than the fresh High Test fuel that we did the initial dyno runs with. The dyno info is here for those of you who are interested.

  Click here for the Dyno runs


If you want to eliminate those headaches at the beginning of what ever season your vehicle is used for,summer or winter,.....get the Fitch Fuel Catalyst!!!!

No need for Stabilizers ever again!!
For more information about the Fitch Fuel Catalyst's ability to stabilize fuel
Click Here!


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