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Chute Farms Ltd.
Church St.
Nova Scotia

To: Ralph Armstrong
Re: Fitch Fuel Catalyst

     Here is the info on our oil furnace heating units so far. We have a pair of Slant Fin Furnaces, 300,000BTU's, with Riello 40 burners. We have been heating our 365 X 425 sq. foot barn. In the past we found that the furnaces were struggling to heat this space but since the Fitch was installed I can say that is not the case. They are also smoother and quieter running. Before the tuning the stack temperatures were up to over 600 degrees with the Fitch. We have had them adjusted and now the stack temps are 430 degrees and are running at 84% efficiency levels. We have run 3 sessions of production with the Fitch unit and have found about a 15% savings in fuel consumption. This has translated into about a $900.00 savings during the combined three sessions period.
     There is no doubt that the Fitch Fuel Catalyst has performed as well if not better than you said it would. We now plan to install units on all of our other furnace's through out our whole operation. Thank you for introducing us to the Fitch product, it will surely save us money and maintenance in the future.

                                                                                          Yours Truly

                                                                                                             Mike Chute

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