Coming along now!! The various parts anre now working their way back onto "Caged"! She is completely wired now except for the rear signal light that I have yet to get. Power twins ,being the only Canadian distributor told me they stocked them but didn't have any right now. When I asked how long they moaned and said that possibly they might be able to get it to the ordering department in a week and then ???well...nobody knows...maybe 2 weeks maybe 2 months. Cancel that order bozo's. That's just part of our high quality sevice here for us good old canadian dealers. that's exactly what I want to tell my customers while encouraging them to by product.


Seem's awful hard to get service these days. Some tell ya that sort of stuff..others just screw up ever single order that I recieved this year. It will soon get to the point..if they jack the prices any more (because of the dollar as they say) it may just be time to renew my own import export papers and be able to actually get some of those US parts we all look at. Getting really tired of hearing...we don't stock that because they won't give us enough of a break. I'm sure Arlen Ness will sell to me directly. (like I used to get my parts) and eliminate the problems. Really it looks like that's may soon become a necessity as so many are just replacing their used to be quality products with cheaper look alike Tiwanise junk. ( ya so I can't spell tiwanise right...like I even care to find out how is the right way??ha ha )






Any way the front end is complete. I have added a set of fork mounted lights which by the way do not fit 35mm front ends properly as they advertise. When you slide on the facny plastic reducer sleeves that hey give you in the kit..they do clamp around your forks ok but when you tighten them up tight the lights will spin around your fork tube like a kid on merry-go-round. Just what I want on my bike. They sure look cool in the catologue though. After overcoming the problem and retaping the thread holes which stripped when I tried to get the screws out of them initially, they are on. Well like I always say..."I wouldn't be able to bolt on half of the bolt-on parts if I didn't have a maching shop." This is sadly becoming more true as the years go on. Just ask you local dealer his opinion on it. You will probably find he does a lot more for you than you realize when he installs those new parts on your bike for ya.

Finally I got my beautiful wheels from RC Components. These are the first of their new proto type wheels. Very nice and some of the nicest people I have delt with yet. They were more than helpful getting them to me after a 6 week wait while the dealer told me it was RC fault. Not true at all. Sometimes maybe it is better to deal with the folks who actually make the product instead of those who just flog it to get more money out of ya. I have found in most cases they are more than helpful. After all...they usually design and make the parts actually for "bikers"!!



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