PM Cycles Ltd. is proud to join Kawasaki, Speed Pro, PJ's Recreational, Motovan and Autolite as a sponsor for "2 Time 125 Pro Champion", Blain Prest in his endeavor to be the best. Blain has 20 years experience in Moto Cross racing and strives ever harder to achieve his goals. Blain works and resides in the town of Berwick, Nova Scotia in the beautiful Annapolis Valley but travels extensively to follow his dreams. We hope that the "Fitch Fuel Catalyst" will help give Blain an extra edge with his racing machines and will ,no doubt, help cut the cost of fuel and maintenance on the thousands of miles he travels this year in his truck.



  Blain is currently on his way to Virginia this month for a race. We wish him good luck and safe racing this season. Check him out at an arena or event in your area. Below is some of the upcoming schedule for this season.



Ride hard Blain !!!



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