"The Wing"

Every once in a a while a project comes along that is just fun to do. I have always said " I never cared what you ride...as long as you ride." Each of us knows what it feels like when you are going down the road and just feeling the wind. Each one of us has a vision of what they would like their bike to be. I learned a long time ago that my tastes are not necessarily the tastes of others. But that is what makes us all individuals and unique.

When Tim first approached me with his ideas for his 1984 Gold Wing I was a little skeptical but after talking with him for a while I realized that this was his vision and this was what he really wanted ...but he just did not quite know where to begin and where to go with it. So he dropped off the frame...we discussed some ideas and now........the project begins.

I am always up for a challange and this intrigued me and would also fit quite nicely with my planned winter projects. I am really quite looking forward to it. I love to do metal fabrication, to make things look out of the ordinary, and this is what this whole job will be. Great!!

What can ya do with a 1984 Gold Wing?? Maybe nothing or.... well....let see.....and so it begins.....

So with no real direction it was time to get some rod out and start see what it would say to me.

A piece here and a piece there and now it is begining to take shape. There are many pieces to make sure that you clear under the tank. Things like the auxilary rad tank, air box and electric parts etc. But after a few tries......rod on........rod off.....ha ha..... the tank began to take shape. I wanted it to go well forward and down in the front, but had to make room for the fork tubes when they are turned. A bit of tweeking and I had figured out.

As you can see here I put a bit of cardboard on to have a look at everything and check clearances etc. Also wanted to see what sort of steel panels I will have to be fabricated for each piece. They should be fun as there are many different angles and curves to make in each piece.

It is starting to get a warrior look to it now. So soon it will be on to the side panels and on back to the rear fender area. With the rise of the tank, and lowering the seating postion substancially, not only should you feel like you are sitting in it instead of on it....but it will look cool as hell as well.

Had to stick a piece on the top to get the full effect of what it is to come. Here are a few shots from the front and rear. You get the idea. Ying...Yang....

This gives you and idea of the flow from front to rear. Should look like she's built for action and ready to roll on down the road. Stay tuned for more updates as we go.

Nothing is impossible.......it just takes a little longer......



Page 1: And so it begins

Page 2: Sheet Metal Time - Tank

Page 3: Tank 2

Page 4: On to the Side Panels

Page 5: Finished Side Panels

Page 6: The Seat Pans

Page 7: Body trim around the Seat

Page 8: Body Mounts, Right Side, Start Tail

Page 9: The Tail Section

Page 10 Just one more Thing, small touches

Page 11 The Motor goes in...she gets her Name

Page 12 The Final Small Pieces to go

Page 13 The Front Fender

Page 14 The Seat Gas Tank and Seat

Page 15 Assembly Started

Page 16 The Body getting ready for paint

Page 17 Finished Pics