"The 1977 Shovel"
"Old Blackie"

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Just getting going on the second shovel now....tanks are bad right off. Time to strip it down and see what we have with this one

All down in pieces now and the breather hole was scored bad as well. Got out the new handy dandy Jim's reamer tool and presto...its good to go. Nothing critical so far, other than the standards doing the crank etc.

Got the table full of stuff to go to the powdercoaters.....going to change the look of this bike so its bad in black and ready to go. Getting ride of all the old worn out bagger stuff like saddlebags, bumpers etc. Should be a slick looking shovel when its done.

Got the frame back, installed the swing arm and have done the bottom end and set it in. The powder pieces are back and she is going to get some needed attention as she is next in line after the 76.

More to come soon.....


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