"The 1976 Shovel"

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Time to revive another shovelhead...fun fun fun. First things first and time to strip it down and see what kind of gems we have here..ha ha

Once we got the motor apart I could tell that it had been rebuilt at one time, as the seller told the new owner the motor we rebuilt and good. Well it was obvious that there were some fairly new parts in it but unfortunatly who ever did the work knew little about clearences and jammed things together...she was headed for a catastrofic melt down.

Both rod ends looked like oatmeal and the cages were ground up as well ruining the crank pin and thrust washers.

The cam spacer and washer were bound up so thight it literally welded the spacer to the cam. Can you say "end play clearence"? Not whoever rebuilt this engine before.

The breather gear had been jammed up as well and was all scored up all around. The end of it shows how the clearence spacer was grinding into the gear...tight tight tight....

This caused a lot of that mess. Just have a look at the breather hole on this one. Not good or usable at this point with the huge gouge cut into the hole all the way around, but hopefully we can make it all better with out junking the cases.

Using our newest addtion, a Jim's Breather Hole Reamer, we were able to make it like new again. It's a terribly expensive tool but well worth the money. Now nothing has to be shipped away to be repaired. I see this kind of damabe on a lot of bikes and many just run them and hope they are geting enough iol at the right time. If you got this problem just give us a call.

..More happening now......


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