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Well the winter has gone by and Craig is back with his newly painted charcoal grey metalic frame and it is time to get at it so its ready for this summer.

First thing to do is go all over the frame a tap out all of the holes so that any material is removed so things don't jam up when the bolts are put in. Takes a little extra time but stops some trouble down the road.

The motor and trans are all rebuilt , powder coated and ready to put in the bike. We are going to run the motor on my engine stand before we put it in. That way it is tuned and ready to go.

We are putting a new FatBoy style front end on so Craig can get the look he wants. The two toned fenders give it a great look.

We have used 3 wire signal lights with red lenses so they can also be used as brake lights as well. Safety first and that way, should he blow a brake light bulb and not know it, he will still have brake lights so he won't get rear ended.

So we are it......she should look sweet when its done !!

Stay Tuned......more to come

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